Saturday, November 26, 2005

brake... Brake! BRAKE, DAMMIT!!!! BRAKE!!!!

That's it. My car is now officially a suicide machine if not handled carefully. I just got my car serviced about a week ago and I was told that the brake pad's gone. So, fine, I got it changed after having only 1 incident of the car not braking. The incident wasn't too bad considering there wasn't any cars around and even if I die due to brake malfunction, no one would be hurt. But that's not the point. Anyway, after changing all my brake pads and stuff, they whole thing cost about RM76 or so. Pretty cheap, I thought as I would imagine it cost upwards of RM150.

Fast forward to the recent Thursday. I was driving around peacefully until some oaf in front of me jammed his brakes. Instinctively I jammed mine as well and I heard a crunching sound. Not much of worry from me cause the brakes still work fine. Told my father about it and my mom also mentioned that she had some kind of trouble with the car as well. So, finally(well, yesterday) my father told me to send the car to the workshop to find out what's wrong . The foremen gave the car a little drive around and told me that they didn't find anything wrong with the car. I thought maybe it's my mind playing games with me. Anyway, the mechanics went ahead and cleared out all the brake oil and refilled the pump with new oil hoping that it would solve the problem(in case I have air bubbles in the oil). Ever since that, my car drives like a crazy suicide machine. 1 out of 3 times I press the brake, the car simply refuses to brake. I know.... I had the "What the hell?!" look on my face plenty of times and I almost bought the farm.


Thou shalt no longer worrieth about sitting in my suicide machine cause my dad just sent the car back to the workshop to have the car fixed and be given a thorough check-up. Turns out that the master brake pump system is kaput. THE MASTER BRAKE PUMP SYSTEM! Whoa. Sounds a mouthful but it's gonna cost me around RM80 or so. Fair enough. I rather pay much higher than that to have a braking system that will never fail.

That's it for today. 7 down and 3 more subjects to go!

Friday, November 18, 2005

asean scholarship

Hmm.. I've just recieved a letter from the Ministry of Education of Singapore:

"We refer to your application for the above scholarship and regret to inform that you have not been successful."

Uhm. What the hell?

But oh well, I'll take that as God answering my prayers on where He wants me to go. Too bad but dammit, it hurts.

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Thursday, November 03, 2005


Finally mustered up enough strength and guts to get a haircut after 2 months or so. My hair was in a mess and I really have to get rid some(read: LOTS) of the hair. Oh yeah, I went to a hairstylist too. But wait! Don't brand me a queer, gay-man or metrosexual heebies-jeebies just yet! I had to go to wherever my mom or my sisters go to do their hair because my regular barber 'tutup kedai' already and he shifted to Singapore 2 weeks ago. Not like I'm trying to give reasons before stepping into a hair saloon but you know, just saying.

Anyway, I was hoping real hard not to be given an 'ah beng' hair cut but since I'm pretty bad at giving hair styling instructions to the man with the scissors, I just told him to go crazy on my lump of hair. And the end result? EXACTLY as what I expected. The 'ah beng' hair. *cries* But it's not too bad though, cause my mom and my sisters think it's way better than my other hair style, which they called the '2 crabs on my head' hair style.

Apparently my hair looks like it has been shaped in the same wind tunnel just like all the other frat boyz and ah bengz because it seems like it's blown to one side thanks to my hair texture or grain. I don't really know whether I should stick with whatever the man with the scissors(yeah, I know I could just call him the barber but it seems a little degrading since he works in a saloon with a bunch of ladies. So, more power to him) OR go back to my so called '2 crabs on my head' hair.

Decisions... decisions...

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