Sunday, June 18, 2006


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Strange, how people often give up trying after failing to succeed. I suppose they focus a little too much on difficulty of the task instead of putting in even more effort in order to succeed. Maybe it's just me with my tons of overconfidence(which is proven in my test, which I will blog about sometime in the future). Or it could also be due to the lack of inspiration. I really don't know.

Well, of course, I give up all the time too and I really want to be able to stand strong in the face of adversities and improve myself even more in this area of my life.

It is also very strange that how things can affect or even inspire someone else by a huge margin. Take the guy on top as an example. His name is Bill Clements and he is a one handed bassist. You can check out one of his many performance videos on I've always thought to myself that with two hands and 10 fingers, I can do many amazing things on the bass(IF I'm good laa...) and it will be impossible for me to play without few of my fingers. Then I stumbled upon this video of Bill Clements playing and my jaw dropped. Well, I'm sure people would easily rate either Jaco Pastorius or Victor Wooten's playing wayyy above Mr. Clement's but with 5 fingers and a hand, that is amazing. There are lots to learn from this guy, my friends!

This man is amazing and you can definitely see the kind of effort that he has put in to play the bass. I'm sure he felt like giving up for a MILLION TIMES at least but he didn't. This guy definitely inspired me to take my playing up till the next level.

If you're a bassist and you're reading this, go pick up your instrument and play. For God.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

high in the head

I'm feeling so high now. That adrenaline rush in my head is still there although the message was 5 hours ago. Still feeling very very light-headed too.

It was a very different experience to be given the honour and opportunity to share God's Word in front of people. Although it was in front of mainly Christians but I really thank God for this experience. Not sure if there would be more opportunities like this in the future but if there is... I would definitely take it up again.

It's not that I want to show my face more often in YF or get light-headed again and again but it's because I notice that through this opportunity and this time of sharing, I was able to bring my spiritual life to a totally new level. It's like a breakthrough in my life. I recorded the session on my phone and I'm gonna check it out later. It isn't so much about me teaching when I speak in front. It's more like I'm learning much myself too. I'm still learning how to trust God even more and I believe that when I do trust God with everything, for e.g. the message, God's gonna do something in my life. A................................MEN!

Much thanks to all the folks in the counsellor's group for helping me during 'preparation time' in YF, Uncle Ven for teaching in Class 3, Jit Pang and Yoshua on inspiring me and teaching me on how to speak as well as everyone else who prayed for me.

Well, with that over already, it's time to get back to planet Earth and plan my next course of action in life. I'm so tired now but I'm still gonna praise God.


Sunday, June 04, 2006

sea monkeys!

Yup, I finally got myself into a writing mood and this time, I'm gonna talk a bit about those little buggers(also known as sea monkeys). Okay, it's been roughly a month or two now since I dumped them into their little torture tanks and have my siblings take care of them. I took a bunch of pictures of them about 3 weeks ago and I guess I should just post them now for you all to see how creepy they really are:

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And so, there you have it! Right now, these little buggers are nearly half an inch long.

Those little buggers...


Wow... lot's of things have been happening lately.

Parent's Day would be on the 17th of June 2006 and yours sincerely would have to share on a topic that have yet to be discussed with the event coordinators(Pek Ying and Mei Qi). That's currently on top of my 'To-Do' list at the moment. Hmmpf... 2 weeks to prepare a 20-minute long sharing... Yikes. My first time too. *scratches head*

Anyway, besides that, there's also the whole badminton thingamajig. Every Sunday, a bunch of us, youths, would go to the Convent school here and play games/exercise/have fun. The youths could play anything; from football to captain ball to basketball to badminton. There aint many issues with all the other games at the moment besides badminton. Apparently, one has to pay to use the school's badminton court. "Fair play", I hear you say. You're right. It is only right to pay to use another person's property but I remember that back in the days, we were told that as long as we have Convent girls playing with us, we don't have to book the court. We've got tons of them playing. And so, we thought we don't have to book the court. Even the security guard said so. We continued like that for months, if I remember correctly. 2 weeks ago, while the youths were having fun playing badminton, 2 sisters(or nuns) came in their green Nun-mobile and blasted everyone present at the court. I wasn't there when they came because I was walking Yin Ying home because of something I can't remember. Which is good. If I was there, I might have clobbered them. Anyway, the moment they stepped in, they blasted everyone by accusing that we didn't pay to play on the court. Which is bull, because I did book the court for a whole month and many of the youths know that. By then I was at the court already. They claimed that they will NEVER loan the courts for a whole month... well, until I showed them the receipt, that is. Pity the others too. Just because we didn't book all the courts for the whole month(eh... money don't grow on trees), many of the youths didn't know that. So, they played anyway and got scolded by the Nuns of love and happiness. Ah well. It was a sad day. Daniel, his dad and I had to carry on to play because we did book the court for the month. But Daniel's dad didn't quite realise the awkwardness of the situation and insisted that we continue playing. It wasn't fun after that. Really.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAanyway, we've come to a conclusion of collecting as much money as we can from the people who wanna play badminton and book as many courts as we can for the month. I'm collecting RM5 per head for those who wanna play but apparently RM5 is really not enough. It is, in fact, too little. I had to use my own money to pay for the rest. Seems like the most we can book are 2 courts. I can't always pay for everyone but heck, who would want to? Still, I want to thank everyone who contributed to the "Badminton Love Fund".

There's also the upcoming jam with Mervin to warm him up a bit on Monday, I think. Then there's also the training session for vocalists and worship leaders on Thursday night as well as a small recording session with all the song writers who wish to have their songs recorded and archived on Friday afternoon. On the same day itself, we will be having training session with drummers, I think. On Saturday morning, Ryan and Jaeson will be conducting piano and PA training sessions, respectively. All that, happening in the church.

What can I say? It's gonna be a full holiday for me. Nevertheless, I think it's gonna be a fun one.

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