Monday, January 23, 2006

fine... fine... here's one.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue;
Some poems rhymes,
But this one don't.

Do you ever wonder why Yoda(the little ancient alien from Star Wars) never got married?
Because instead of saying, "I do", it said, "Do I?"

One day, a father and son went fishing in a lake. While they were rowing their boat towardsthe middle of the lake, they saw another boat capsizing. Being the kind man the father is, he bravely jumped into the lake to safe the survivors of the capsized boat. The survivors were so grateful and said, "Oh kind man, thank you for saving our lives! How can we EVER repay you?". The kind father promptly said, "It's okay...we're in the same boat..."

One day, an aeroplane was overweight. It has a huge rock, a brick house and a refridgerator in it. Which one of those 3 things should the plane dump off to lighten the load?
The refridgerator because it has an elephant in it.

Why did the koala falls off the tree?
It was hit by a falling refridgerator.

Why did the 2nd koala falls off the tree?
It was stapled to the first koala.

Why did the 3rd koala falls off the tree?
It thought the first 2 koalas are playing a game.

Why did the 4th koala falls off the tree?
Peer pressure.

Why did the 5th koala falls off the tree?
It was hit by another falling refridgerator.

Why did the boy fall off the bicycle?
It was hit by 5 falling koalas and 2 falling refridgerators.


These jokes are superbly LAME!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

chapter 1

Everybody lies.

You, me, they, he, she, it, everybody lies. You may not realise it but as long as your response to a question, be it verbally or non-verbally, carries an intent to decieve someone, it is a lie.

There is a shocking reason to why people lie: They lie because of their intent to lie to themselves. Unbelievable? Think again. People love to hear something that they like. So, in order to please themselves, they lie. You know what I'm is right because that is what's in your mind when you lie. You want things to go your way and therefore, you lie. So that you will be able to believe that so-called "truth" that you want to believe in. So, in a way, lying = self-deception. I will go more into that later as I explain what people lie for.

There are plenty of examples written in the book on the paradoxes of lying. For example, a mother tells her son, John, not to lie about the fact that he broke the priceless Ming vase while playing and yet the moment the pastor called to ask for donation, the mother tells John to tell the pastor that she isn't in just to avoid the pastor because she doesn't want to give donations for the new church steeple. This proves the point of however how much we try to enforce the point that lying is bad, people in the end still practice lying be it verbally or non-verbally.

Chapter 1 of "LIES! LIES! LIES! Psychology of Deceit" also talks about the different kinds of lies told by different people for different reasons. People lie for sexual gratifications, acceptance, etc..etc.. If I elaborate more on that, I may get sued for plagarising Dr. Ford's book. To summarise this whole chapter, I shall quote the summary of Chapter 1 directly from the book:

"Lying and self-deception permeate all aspects of human life and social interactions. Societal messages about deceit are often contradictory; we teach our children how to lie effectively and encourage others to lie to us even as we condemn lying as a vice. The developement of acomprehensive psychology of deceit must consider these paradoxes in addition to the biological, intrapsychic and societal influences on the process of human deception."

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Monday, January 09, 2006


I am currently reading a book titled, "LIES! LIES! LIES! The Psychology of Deceit" by Charles V. Ford, M.D. I think it's a good book and I will try to put up a summary of each chapter after I'm done with them so that I will not forget what I've learned. I'll post the summary here, of course.

Where else? In the blending machine?

Sunday, January 08, 2006

want to know why it's you and only you?

Because there is only you.

That is literally all that the author can think of after the author struggled with himself trying to find the words to write a long post about the author's feelings for 'you' after a long time. The author finds it redundant trying so hard because the author really don't think that 'you' would feel the same. The author hopes that 'you' will prove the author wrong .