Saturday, February 24, 2007

I have this strange feeling

Somehow, I find myself very much interested in matters concerning investment, properties, financial planning, etc... I don't know whether this interest is short term or it may even leads to a bright future. I don't know but I will definitely seek for answers.

If it is the latter, it means that I have made a terrible terrible choice to stay at where I am right now because I somehow don't see myself as a man of science(or rather "MAN OF SCIENCE!!"). Maybe I don't see the bigger picture yet. I don't want to rush into conclusions about myself and then having to rectify that in the future. I guess we will just wait. And see...

And so the truck ran over the boy and he died. The end.

Friday, February 09, 2007

so...what am I?

I am moving away from the usual trickery that I used to do. Things like card magic, sleight of hands, blah blah blah are starting to bore through my skulls. Not that I have mastered them but I really wish to expand my talents beyond what is the 'mean' of this area.

I'm hoping to be able to experiment more in areas of mentalism where the unexplainable could happen. Things like, thought reading, psychokinesis, achieving great feats through methods of suggestions and psychological subtleties and so much more. The danger in this is that people who don't understand the nature of this work will start be disillusioned about this mysterious realm of mentalism. People will start to think that I'm in league with the Devil, Satan, Hilly-Billy, Cowboy BeBop, the Fantastic Four or even Sylar!

Anyway, if anyone ever come up to me and ask me about how I achieve my effects or whether I'm psychic or anything, I will say this: "The effects are achieved through suggestions and psychological subtleties which influenced your actions into allowing these effects to be achieved."

So, there you have it!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Some things that certain people just won't get

There are some things that only a few people will ever 'get'. I don't mean 'get' as in physical possession of material things but I mean "get" as in understanding and being able to do something.

There are many things that I could never 'get':

1. Spit-and-Shine
Okay, I've just spent the past ONE hour trying to shine my black leather shoes the 'hardcore' way with wax, spit and cloth. Dang, is it tough as heck. I just can't get it right. Sheesh... It still looked so dull without much shine; although it did help in covering the scuff-marks at the tip of my right shoe.

2. Clowning
Yes, I know. I can be very silly at times with my outrageous behaviour but if you put me in front and told me to entertain a bunch of people with my meaningless banter, it wouldn't be very funny. As all the ELS member would have know after today, I would seem a lot more pretentious and being so 'full of it'.

3. Stuff
*Insert some controversial things that I shouldn't speak about unless I would like to be flogged in the public.*

Umm.. yeah.. flogged. Public.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


I don't watch much TV.

No, really. Instead of watching TV, I would tart around the PC. Some of you may have known about my strange little 'obsession' with this TV show called "House", which features this ridiculously sarcastic doctor. Well, I still like the show a lot but there's a NEW show on TV that really interests me. It's... HEROES.

It's about this bunch of dudes, each of them with different superpowers(or genetic mutation as the show calls them; for eg, flight, teleportation, invincibility, etc... etc...) destined to save the world. Well, as far as I know, it's a whole load of drama. In the first episode, there's this one artist that has the power of premonition, which allows him to paint pictures of the future(aka predicting the future) when he's high(great moral values, I know..) and he painted a picture of a nuke exploding in downtown New York. He was saying, "He must be stopped... he must be stopped..." after he OD-ed.

What an awesome scene.

Then there's also this Japanese dude who can bend space-time continuum, which allows him to teleport to ANYWHERE. Yes, he 'accidentally' teleported into the Ladies' lavatory. The next day, on one of his usual monotonous trip to work on the Japanese bullet train, he kept on thinking about his power. He stared into a poster of New York City and wished that he was there. He closed his eyes and BAM! He appeared in the middle of Madison Square(I think). Fantastic.


Catch it on Astro, Star World, Channel 70, on Wednesday from 9:00 to 10:00.

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