Wednesday, May 31, 2006

can you really blame me?

You know... sometimes people tell me that I'm being too insensitive at times and my words are crude, mean, sharper than a ninja's sword, fatter than lard as well as all sort of other unpleasant things. Especially being too frank at times.

Consider this, everytime I do something that I know I am not excellent at, people would come and knock me down. I HATED it. Everytime. I don't get it. Why must people always do that to me? So what if I'm not so good at something? Must you really come and embarass me in front of everyone? Is it necessary? IS IT???

Maybe you do that to keep my head level in check and prevent it from bloating up but it's definitely not the right way. It's not like I made any mistake. It's really not necessary. So, stop it! If you don't want to, fine. You are just gonna keep on pushing me right till the edge and then I will snap. If I do snap, I will in turn become the bad guy who couldnt control himself. The evil little man that everyone will despise.

So, whatever it is, I'm still in a lose-lose situation. Whatever my course of action is or will be, I will still lose. Guess I can't do anything about it. If you're reading this, which I am 100% sure you will never, my words to you is this:

Sod off and leave me alone.

Guess I really have to do that once in a while to keep my psycho level in check. After all that, can you really blame me?


I'm not back from the Family Camp and I think it was a lot fun. I got to check out lots of a cool nature stuff like how awesome the beach can be as well as the chance to hang out at a very beautiful island about 10-15 minutes off the mainland. I will try to get pictures from Paulus and put them up here.

Anyway, now that I'm back as well as the lads of Kitchen Utensils, we're gonna have a recording session soon; probably this Friday.

Wish us luck.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Kitchen Utensil's demo songs

Alright, here are the promised songs that the band did so far. I'm afraid this is the most I can put up since the band didn't want me to put up the full songs. Anyway, here's a small(literally) insight of how we sound like and the kind of songs that we write.

Hope you'll enjoy them and there will be more in the future from the pots and pans of Kitchen Utensils! :)

Sunday, May 21, 2006

bumble-foot guitar

Someone please get me a spoon to gorge my eyes out. This is called the "Bumble-foot Guitar".

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Oh dear....

Thursday, May 18, 2006

cuas cover

Yep, it is official. Mucho gracias to senor David for this fine piece of art:

Image Hosted by

Click on it to enlarge it and bask in the awesomeness of David's photoshop mad-skillz. David agreed to let us use it as our cover for our coming 'album' although I haven't really discuss about this matter with the lads yet. Yes, I will, soon enough.

And again, thanks again, senor David!


Well, Arsenal may have lost the Champions League Final to Barcheatalona but at least they went down fighting. They went down not because they were outclassed by the "top favs", Barcheatalona but because the men in black strips were playing for them as well. Much injustice but goons will always know that the gunners are gonna come back stronger next year.

Anyway, with that out of the way, let's talk a bit about my week.

It's been really great so far. The seniors did a great job for the orientation and I had a lot of fun. Too bad some bozo just have to ruin everything by an act of disgrace, that is to steal. Seriously, that was low, man... To steal something off another poor soul while everyone else wasn't watching because they're at the field is just low. I'm not sure if you could get even lower than that since it's lower than dirt already. Sucks be to you, thief.

I hope the gap between the seniors and the juniors that has been bridged together through these few days of orientation isn't affected or strained. Else it would be a shame, really.

Yeah, it makes me sad.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


dave-o :: says:
i very much prefer ur(kitchen utensil) style than say.... sonic edge or that altered frequency schmequency

Thanks for your time listening to God Who Never Sleeps and What You Want Me To while you're in the university's LIBRARY. Thanks, man :)

More on Form 6 and the little sea-monkey buggers in the future.

It's not easy to be, alright! ;)

Friday, May 12, 2006

doing the right thing

Just recently I had the opportunity to go out for supper with a couple of guys and we talked about many things and one of the most important thing that we talked about is: doing the RIGHT thing.

I think this whole idea of 'doing the right thing' is very subjective. Something that is right for me doesn't necessarily be right for you. For example, a person might have to eat 3 tons of chocolate a day to combat some kind of strange and unknown disease and that would be the 'right thing to do' for him/her whereas for diabetic patient, that would be a death wish.

With that out of the way, I realised that all of us struggle to do the right thing everyday. Right now, at this period of my life, I must start to put things in their place by putting my priorities RIGHT as in the really CORRECT order of priorities instead of the biased one. Sounds confusing? It is... for me, at least.

Let's talk about the biased one first. I know everyone should put God first in their life and I agree with that whole-heartedly. But the thing that I'm having gripes with is this: many people misunderstood the meaning of putting God first in their life. Here is what putting God first is NOT:

1. Going forward and commit oneself to serving and doing stuff in YF eventhough one knows that one couldn't possibly handle it.
2. Pushing on and do things in YF 'for God' eventhough one's parents have said NO MORE.
3. Using YF as a reason to force other priorities off the list... for e.g. Studies, friends, family, etc...

Here is what putting God first should be like:

1. Studying His Word instead of goofing off doing something else when the opportunity arises.
2. Attending YF and Church instead of going off to some places that one don't really HAVE to go.

I think it's true that we humans are creatures who yearns for approval of others. Because of that, we want to do things that OTHERS thing is right and because of that, we don't do things that are truly right for us.

With that I shall end this post and I urge all of you to rethink every single decisions that you have made and you're going to make. Please think carefully if what you are doing or what you will be doing is right.