Thursday, November 23, 2006


Will be on holiday for a while soon.

See you all when I see you soon.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

derren brown

This man makes things look like real magic. But actually, it isn't. It can all be done with cold reading, hypnosis and/or NLP.

DISCLAIMER: Some of the videos may be a bit mentally disturbing. Nope, no gore or sex or any sort of things like that. It just makes your brain go 'hoo-hoo' for a bit.

Derren Brown put a guy who's playing a zombie video game into a trance and then literally put him on a 'film set' as if what he was playing is happening in real life:

Do you REALLY want that as a gift? Think again.

How some people get scammed easily:

There are a lot more but these three stuck out the most, for me.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Think about this strange metaphor that I thought of to myself one day:

I am Canada.
Everyone around me is United States of America.

Canada =! America

p/s: This is purely stereotypical point of view.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

MPPPU Annual Dinner 2006!

The dinner this year was a success, I would say. Heck, even the principal thinks so too, which is great, because MPPPU would always catch flak from the school about the dinner over the students' dressing/performances. The board did a great job and here are some pics taken by the camera man of the night, Woon Cherk:

Image Hosted by
Our MCs of the day: Daniel and Ming Ying. Much thanks to them for helping out although they are not on the board.

Image Hosted by
Kah Arng performed 3 songs on the harmonica(hence the mic-in-mouth pic) with his brother Kah Shiuan, Danny and Isaac as his..uh.. dancers.

Image Hosted by
Left to right: Me, Kah Shiuan, Miss Neo, Shi Yin, Pei Ni
(Shi Yin and Pei Ni are on the board this year...)

Image Hosted by
This is my friend, Mohan S, who can dance like Michael Jackson really well. He is a very nice person and very polite too.

Image Hosted by
L-R: Mdm. Yeoh(Daniel's mum), Iz, Dan, Me, Mdm. Chan

Image Hosted by
The opening ceremony, headed by the principal. Note to self: Gong was LOUD.

Image Hosted by
Presenting...the Love Hummers! It was the 3rd time this year that we performed together in school.

Image Hosted by
Group photo of the incoming and outgoing board of directors for MPPPU.

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Here's Kah Shiuan performing the school song on harmonica. If you look closely, you can see almost everyone standing in respect of the school song.

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After the dinner.

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Clockwise: Dan, Iz, Me, Cheng Yee, Wei Leong

Image Hosted by
Camera man of the night, Woon Cherk, who dressed like someone from the China Press or something.

Image Hosted by
L-R: Kah Arng, Me, Kah Shiuan. Pardon the 'drunk' look on my face. No, I wasn't drunk and I didn't drink :D

Image Hosted by
Presenting... the new Board of Directors of MPPPU 2006/07!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

staffroom politics

I absolutely marvel at staffroom politics. To be honest, I'm very disappointed that educators whom the students should look up to are fighting amongst themselves over petty things and bringing their little fights/misunderstandings/arguments/back-stabbing/brain-stabbing/eyeball-gouging to the students.

It just HAVE to be today. A day where many things didn't go as well as I would like them to.

Anyway, Teacher X came and asked me how I invite teachers for the MPPPU Annual Dinner(oh, pics will be up soon!). I thought I was gonna get a lecture on why did I forget to invite her(she wasn't on our invitation list because we're inviting only the senior teachers for each subjects); but boy, was I dead wrong. She came and asked me why did Teacher Y go. Now, Teacher X and Teacher Y both have a long standing feud over some sort of misunderstanding or whatever for a long time already and half the school already know about it. Anyway, I explained to her that Teacher Y paid the full amount of ticket to be there with the students(only invited teachers get it for free). So, somehow she got jealous and she left me with this line, "Since you said you're only inviting senior teachers, then why is Teacher Y there?" and then walked off.

Goes without saying that I was fuming for a while.

Anyway, that's between them and I shouldn't take part in their melee.