Saturday, July 30, 2005

the reason

"Eh...why didn't go YF? Study arh?"
"Then? Your parents banned you, is it?"
"Kind of..but not really."
"See? People ask you to study and you don't and now your parents banned you from going to YF. Serves you right!"
"No, I wasn't banned, dammit."

Many often wonder why didn't I go to YF? Why have I been skipping it as if I don't really care or it's not important in my life anymore? Many would also be quick to say that I'm being a terrible example to the younger ones for them to follow and next time, they might skip YF just because exam is near. People will label me a 'Submarine Christian'. High for a while then submerge into the depths when exam is near.

So far, it has been a tug-o-war between Commitment and Obedience. Commitment made between God and I that I'll attend YF even when exam is near, that I'll be an example for people to follow and etc... I'm sure all of you are familiar with the importance of keeping to one's commitment and a commitment made is not be forsaken easily. However, on the other hand, I have Obedience. "Obedience is better than sacrifice," says the Bible. True, so by obeying to my parents wish, I'm pleasing God far more than a sacrifice would if the sacrifice isnt according to the wish of my parents. Commitment calls me to youth meeting every Saturday and fulfill my promise and my commitment but Obedience is yelling after me telling me that I have to stay at home and study. "STAY AT HOME AND STUDY," says the mom. To prevent me from going out, she took the car and went shopping.

What gives?

I've had a talk with Rhesus and he said it's all down to credibility. You see, there are many seasons in one's life. The book of Ecclesiates said, "There is a time for everything." So, at this season of my life, my parents and my studies are very important. Obedience to my parents should be quite high on my list in order to please God. Going to YF and sacrifice my time of studying to be in communion with His followers pleases God, definitely but there is also a call for obedience to my parents.

The solution? Imagine this: If I still force my way out and push my luck to go to YF, then one day my parents will explode and say(or yell), "THAT'S IT. YOU'RE NOT GOING TO YF OR CHURCH OR GAMES ANYMORE. THAT'S IT. YOU'RE GROUNDED. YOU'RE NOT GOING TO THIS OR THAT OR THIS OR THAT OR ETC.... ANYMORE. YOU ARE TO STUDY AND STUDY AND STUDY UNTIL YOUR BRAINS BLED ALPHABETS."


"Mom, I'll stop going to YF from now on just for you but that doesn't mean I'm giving up my time for church on Sunday morning. I will give up my Saturday until the exam finishes." Then spring time will come and the flowers will bloom, the winds will blow and all will be fine.

So, which one gives more 'credibility' to your(in this case, my) parents? Which option would allow me to be a better witness to a family with a majority of non-believers? I've decided not to push my luck.

Thanks for your time for reading and here are some pictures of the latest Ferrari in their current (limited) line of production, the F430:

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Friday, July 29, 2005


Fellow brethrens who see this blog for the first time will definitely go, "What?!" Why is this 'Christian' man going about posting stuff about 'fuck'? Why is he swearing and cussing and blabbering terrible things out of his mouth?

Well, fuck.

Think about it. Why is the 4 letter word considered a cuss word? Why is it a taboo to say or to even mention it? Does it make us somewhat un-holy? Or insensitive? Or some evil bastard child?

The question is: why is it wrong? Is it because that everytime we say the word, the thought of sexually explicit acts come into our mind? Is it because of it's thought provokingness or is it because that we have our minds primed to think that it's wrong to say it, that it's bad, that if you say it, you're in some sort of way 'soliciting' or associating yourself with indecent acts that a good, obedient youth should avoid. Is it because that we have been thought since young never to say it because it is rude. Because our parents say so. Because our teachers say so. Because this guy says so or this lady say so.

Imagine this: instead of the word fuck being the vulgar word, let's put 'cheese' in it's shoes. What we are all primed to think that cheese is just as bad as the word, fuck. So, next time someone says cheese you, it would be just as bad. I'm not sure about you but if you're thinking along the same wavelength as I am, you might be beginning to see the point that I like to prove. I mean, yes, in our modern context, fuck is a pretty bad word but remember: it's a word.

So, next time, when you're about to take a group photograph and the cameraman goes, "Say cheese!", think about this. :)