Saturday, February 11, 2006

and I will honour my God

God is good, all the time!

My heart is still beating so fast after what happened less than an hour ago. Here's my story:

After I got home from church band practice, my dad asked me to go out and buy some stuff for him cause it's Chap Goh Mei(15th day of Chinese New Year) tomorrow. So, being the very good son I am, I went. I took my eldest sister along for the errand. There were lots of cars and I had to park near the stalls to drop my sister off. Since I'm in front of some dude's stall, I tried to be nice by turning off my lights(NOTE: BAD IDEA! I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN!). After my sister got back on, I forgot all about the lights and that's when terror strikes. There were lots of cars and I signalled out; totally forgotten about the lights.

Once I reach the round-about at Jalan Lambak, two policemen in bikes came to my side and signalled me off the side. Then I realised that my lights weren't on. SHOOTS. My heart sank and I quickly ran through my head what I want or should say and immediately thoughts of me bribing these two men with the mere ringgits in my wallet would be the best idea came straight in.

If you're reading this thinking this would be a happy ending cause I didn't bribe; then I'm sorry because you are right! :p Anyway, here's how our conversation went:

*winds down the driver side window*

Police 1 : Keluarkan lesen.
K.Chai : Okay.
Police 1 : Awak tahu tak lampu kamu tak buka tadi. Bahaya, tahu... Nanti kena langgar baru tahu.
K.Chai : Ahah... Maaf, encik. Saya punya salah, encik.
Police 1 : Kalau macam ini, saya mesti saman awak. Awak punya lesen ialah P, tahu tak? Kalau saya saman, awak akan kena demerit. Awak faham tak?
K.Chai : Saya faham, encik. Saya punya silap, encik.
Police 1 : Awak faham tak maksud demerit? Kalau saya saman awak sekarang, nanti bila awak hendak tukar lesen ke lesen penuh JPJ tak akan kasi. Nanti awak kena ambil semula lesen awak. Jadi macam mana? Nanti awak pula susah.
K.Chai : Apa boleh buat, encik? Dahlah saya bersalah, encik. Saya punya silap, encik. Maafkan saya, encik.
Police 1 : Apa boleh buat? Kalau 'you' mahu, kita boleh bawa berunding. Kalau 'you' mahu bercerita boleh cerita sekarang.
K.Chai : Macam ini, encik. Tadi saya kena hantar kakak saya pergi beli kek. Jadi, saya pun henti depan gerai orang sekejap. Jadi saya pun letak kereta saya di depan gerai dan tutup lampu saya. Situ pun banyak kereta; jadi saya pun fikir pasal nak keluar dan terlupa tentang lampu saya. Saya punya silap, encik. Saya patut bayar saman itu.
Police 1 : Tapi kalau macam itu nanti awak susah. Awak betul tak mahu berunding? Jadi saya kena saman kamu-lah.

*walks away*
*Police 2 approaches*

Police 2 : Okay-lah. Macam ini, senang cerita. Awak belanja kita dan kita lupakan sahaja.
K.Chai : Saya betul tak boleh bagi-lah, encik.
Police 2 : Awak hanya perlu belanja minum, sahaja! Takkan tak boleh?
K.Chai : Saya betul tak boleh bagi. Saya pun dah tak ada duit. Kek ini dahlah mahal *laughs*. Tak boleh, encik. Saya tak boleh bagi.
Police 2 : Aish...macam ini saya kena saman 'you' lah.
K.Chai : Saya punya silap, encik. Maafkan saya. Saya tak boleh bagi, encik. Saya Kristian. Betul tak boleh.

*Police 1 and 2 stares at me*
*returns me license*

Police 2 : Lain kali jangan buat lagi.
K.Chai : Terima kasih, encik. Maafkan saya, encik.

*Police 1 and 2 walks away*
*winds up the window*

K.Chai : PRAISE GOD!!! Woo-hoo!!!!! Y%$*(%SUHGI)$&@$^&RI((%USE%!@REWY^TDR%&UT


And moral of the story is: Honour the Lord your God and He will indeed honour you. And never turn off your lights while driving at night. You have to be insanely stupid to do it. Like me....yeah.

Friday, February 10, 2006

it takes one to understand the other

I'm so awfully ill now that I have missed school and painting today. And then to make things even more flowery and sweet, my installation of Windows decided to crap itself in the pants and corrupt all the 'important' drivers in the comp. What happens when these drivers fail is that, one by one, each hardware in my comp will start to fail. One after another. In the end, you will get one stupid lump of chips and electronics with no working CD-ROM or whatever.

What to do? Send them to the PC maintainance guy and he had to do a full reformat of my harddisk. Here I am, all sick and heaty, trying to reinstall all the system utilities that I need(and the music too!).

*hit his head on the table repeatedly*

And let's not forget that Streamyx hasn't been working for the 4th day already.


Depressing rubbish aside...

I must say that the new youth centre is coming along nicely and in two weeks time my SPM results will be out. Hopefully in 3 weeks time I'll still be alive and well. And hey YOU! Time to get you on my side of the world. Cheers and be merriously merry merry merry.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

childhood hero

He is indeed a knight in shining armor of the 20th century. As he blasts through the airspace of New York City in search of evil doers, the citizens of Hell's Kitchen looked up in awe as they see a little glimmer of hope for the city that is filled with crimes.

Bah, I give up. I'm not used to writing stuff like that. Anyway, as I was saying, there is this guy that goes by the name of Tony Stark that owns a multi-billion-dollar company called Stark Industries. This man is the man responsible for all the weapon's research that's been going in the country and literally billions of dollars have been poured into the company's research of the 'repulsor technology' by the United States government(Aiyah.. in the Marvel Universe lah). Out of it comes a device, that is actually a full suit of armors, to "test-pilot the future". To some, it is considered as the war-machine of the future that will either build or destroy the world. To some, it is....