Wednesday, April 02, 2008


All good things have to come to an end. And this is no different.

I have decided to stop blogging altogether for various reasons. Amongst other things, someone gave me a very nice notebook and by no stroke of luck I came upon a community that encourages journaling the pen-and-paper way. Seeing how people turn their own journal into a piece of art makes me want to do the same thing with mine and I can't wait to write my-story into a book that records my past, for the good of my future. Also, I realised that drawing little stick figures doing magic sleights is kinda fun too. So, I'll be doing a lot of that too. Okay, fine. That someone is me. So, what? Ish...

Also, blogging becomes tedious and boring when you don't know how to really express yourself through tappings of little keys on the keyboard. I don't know how well I express myself here on this blog, but I hope it's well enough that you can actually understand all the drivel that I've been writing since 2004. Yeap, it's been THAT long ago and I'm very proud that you actually stuck around. I'm glad you did and I'm lubbing you for that. (You people know who you are :) )

With a little black book(or pink or whatever), I can make it look which ever way I want without having to learn ridiculous coding to implement them to make it look some-what close to what I want. I'm such a pretentious little runt. Heh.

Still, thanks for kicking around and from time to time, I may post scans of my little black book just for the heck of it. Who knows? I might blog with the scans of my little black book?

"Good luck, gentlemen."