Sunday, September 18, 2005

my cellphones

Well, here we go again. All of you reading this blog now have a new reason to clobber me with your shoes and slippers because I've changed my cellphone. Again. I know I've been changing cellphones way too often than I should but hey, it's not my call(no pun intended)! It's my dad's decision anyway and no, there isn't anyone on earth(not even YOU), who will reject a father's offer to bless you with something cool. Meet my new friend, the Sony Ericsson K700i:

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Yeah... I know this thing just screams, "LOOK AT ME!!! LOOK AT ME SHINY COLOUR!" It's in gaudy and flashy silver, metallic looking and very 'industrial' roughy look. It may seem like it weighs a ton and if you lob this phone at a dog, it might even die but that's not the point. This phone has everything that I wish a phone can ever do. It takes beautiful pictures, records videos, plays mp3s, has bluetooth, infrared, makes breakfast for you in the morning and fetches you the newspaper and letters everyday. This phone is simply amazing and I hope that this one will actually last till it dies off(literally) and I would have a better partnership with this instead of my last SE phone, the T630.

For those who would like to have an idea of what my cellphone history is, take a look below, where I've listed out all the phones that I've used for the past 2-3 years and a little description and my experiences with them.

Nokie 3310.
My first phone.

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This is my first ever phone that got passed down to me from my sisters and mom. I used to spend ages fiddling with it just to compose ringtones using my newfound knowledge of MUSIC! Interesting little thing and I used to kick-ass with Space Impact and Snake.

Nokia 3350.
Mine for 15 minutes.

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This is one of the first phones to have animated screen savers for its time. It's so amazing that my eldest sister took it off me while it's brand new for her ownself. Well, I was angry for a while until 2003. When I got THIS:

Nokia 3100.
Ze first colour phone.

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This is the first phone that I've ever used with colours! It was so cool and looks trendy. It even GLOWS IN THE DARK! I mean, come on! How many phones that actually have casing THAT GLOWS IN THE DAMN DARK?! Well, here's one. I used it for about 2-3 months until I have to give it to my 2nd sister because she needed a phone. Not too bad having to part with it cause my dad promised me a new phone. "Cool."

Nokia 3200.
Let's party like the funk soul brotha'

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In all seriousness, I really do think this phone is more of a love/hate phone where you will either like the look of it or totally hate it. For me personally, I think it looks terrible with the unorthodox oval buttons that will mess up any self-proclaimed SMS-god. However, this is also the first phone that I've ever found to have voice recording function. Anyhow, I passed this phone on to my younger sister and I got my very first quality phone.

Sony Ericsson T630.
Almost. Almost perfect.

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Words cant describe how much I love this phone. It was so good! So jam packed with features and functions that will make any school children scream in excitement. T630's predecessor, the T610 actually recieved the phone of the year award for 2003 for best phone design. T630 may not be as trendy looking as its older brother but it has a better screen although the features are pretty much the same. It has a nice camera but a tiny disk space(who in the name of Bob thinks that 2MB is enough for a cellphone with camera?!). Anyway, my joy didn't last very long because the screen cracked on me. Twice. I was really really upset that my dad had to trade in this phone and gave me my mom's crappy Sagem.

Sagem my X5-2.
The black sheep.

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This is definitely one of the WORST phone I've ever used. The only good thing I can find about this phone is that it has a fast camera shutter speed and the whle phone is pretty fast and not laggy. Other than that, it has a tiny disk space(4MB), ugly colours(dont let the picture above decieve you) and STUPIDLY CONFUSING MENUS. This thing 'accidentally' delete all my saved messages and pictures once. Well, come to think about this, if I've never used such a crappy phone, I wouldn't have appreciated all of my other phones. Especially with the K700i.

God is good. :)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

quick one

Here's a quick one. I present to you, THE SNAKE!

Clickie(It's an animated .gif)

To view the .gif, I really suggest that you right click the link above and save it to your comp. It's makes the animation much smoother. THE SNAKE!

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Many wonder why we bloggers blog. Some think that we've got nothing better to do, no where else to rant and voice our opinions or being a bunch of cowards by not being brave enough to voice our 'unpopular' views publicly amongst other reasons. In fact, the Internet(serious business!) is full of bloggers who are emo kings and quess talking endlessly about how much they wanted to end their life and kill their whatever not. So much so that when we tell someone else unfamiliar with the Internet(and again, serious business!) about blogs, they would just go, "Aiyah, just some sad emotional bastard talking about how bad he hated everything!" Hmm...

Of course, there are also those rant-bags that rant and rave about every single thing in the word, like why don't people use the mouse upside down, why those damned men won't keep the toilet seat down for the ladies, why nobody likes me/him/her, why the government legalised a law that requires every children to wear rubber gloves, etc..etc... They would find anything and everything to talk and complaint about. Come on.. it's a wonderful world, really! I can assure you, my readers, that there are bloggers who are wayyyyyyy more annoying than these rant-bags on the Internet(SERIOUS business!). That groupd of people would be....

...DRAMA QUEENS! I've recent read a girl's blog, which really convinced me in the end that she is the biggest and most dramatic dramalistic dramary drama queen ever in existence. I wish I've saved that link cause after reading the first 2-3 posts on the blog, I gave up and stopped reading it altogether for fear that my grey matter would start flowing out of the vacant holes that my eyeballs left after dissolving itself in front of the monitor. With the blog page still showing. She bitches(literally) about how some 10-year-old kid was ruining her day for being chosen by some publication to be the first one to open and officiate the latest Harry Potty book, hell, I can't even remember the name for the life of me. She went on about how she spent hundreds of dollars to buy and make 'authentic' Harry Potty costume(I mean, wake up, lady! HARRY POTTER ISN'T REAL!) that she thinks is better than the little boy's cheap-ass black cloth coverings. I'm starting to get carried away here, heh.

With trials around the corner, I'm this close to ripping my head off. So much things to study but so little time to study. May if I stop blogging I'll actually have plenty of time to read and revise ;) In fact, I spend a very long time thinking and planning my every single blog post just to make it interesting and fun(hah!) to read JUST BECAUSE THIS BLOG IS ON THE INTERNET(SERIOUS BUSINESS!!!!!!111oneone)!!!!!!!

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