Monday, October 31, 2005

get over it

I guess it's time for me to get over the fact that I can't go for DNA '05 because the dates for the Petronas thing clashes with DNA. At first I thought, "Okay... if I can't go for DNA, maybe I can try to go for ESP4 instead." I thought ESP4 will be held on teh 8th till the 11th but actually it will be held from the 11th till the 14th, which means it will still clash with my Petronas heebees-jeebies from the 11th till the 16th.

Life is never fair and I should get over it. Stuff happens. Image Hosted by

Saturday, October 29, 2005


Man... how I love fever. I always seem to fall sick and get fever nearing exam. Felt like crap the whole day and slept the whole afternoon. Seems like all I did the whole day would be 6-7 add. maths questions. What a nice day, wasted because of some stupid infection in this walking slab of protein, fat and carbs(other words, me).

Besides that, the folks at Universiti Teknologi Petronas(UTP) haven't email me the 'Lampiran II', that I'm supposed to help my teacher do, yet. Come on, folks! However, I've gotten my hands on a list of phone numbers that I can call to contact the UTP office and inquire about the coming 'camp' that all scholarship hopefuls must attend. I was supposed to call them today but I gave up trying to think and put my thoughts into words to have a nice and polite conversation with them. Might as well not call and wait till Monday, since Sunday is a public holiday. Monday, October 31st is the day and I MUST call the UTP folks that day and get the dates for the camp, if possible, cause chances of me going to DNA is still there, but very low indeed. So, why not give it shot?

While I was napping in the afternoon/evening, I dreamed that I killed someone, probably a bad guy I suppose, with the BACK of a knife. How the heck I did it, I have no idea. I probably just clobber the back of the knife all over his head and he probably died of laughter; laughing at this idiot, who's trying to kill him with the back of a knife. After that, the dream some how shifted to a night scene, where I was having dinner with family. Suddenly, 3 pedals appeared under the table and a gear shifter just pop up to my left. You guessed it. I actually drove a damn dinner table in my dreams. Beat that!

Those crazy Russians

Saturday, October 22, 2005

good news and bad news

I'm not sure how I should feel about things today. First, a big "Hooray" because for the first time in my life in STK, I have been selected to go for this year's Hari Anugerah to recieve a prize for getting the highest mark in EST(English in Science and Technology). Never in my life have I ever thought of going to Hari Anugerah to get prizes and stuff. Cheers! Secondly, all my scholarship woes are over cause I've just handed up my applications for the Petronas Sponsorship programme. Speaking of the Petronas Sponsorship programme, I'm actually very upset right now. According to my class teacher, everyone from STK who handed up the application form for the scholarship WILL be selected to go for a camp in Universiti Teknologi Petronas' campus about 1 week after SPM. Since SPM officially ends on the 5th of December 2005, that means the camp will probably be held around the 12th of December 2005. Which means...


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DNA will be held from 8th to 18th of December and I really want to go for DNA this year :( Seems like I'll have tons of money left in my pocket since I can't go for DNA. To make things worse, I can't even go for ESP IV because the dates would clash as well :(


Friday, October 21, 2005

till death do us part

I'm sorry if the following post sounds crude or offensive. If you can stand listening to an idiot rambling about how stupid it is to kill yourself, read on; but if you can't, click here.

Before we continue, take a look at this:

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Here's a picture of someone lying in bed suffering from the consequences her own stupid actions. I don't get it. Why would you want to kill yourself? Don't you think it's really stupid of you to end your life because of something that is so menial in life? Do you think you're really showing the "Who's your boss?"-attitude by killing yourself? Oh wait, you would be dead by then and it wouldn't mean a thing, anyway. Do you think by killing yourself you can escape the troubles and perils of life? If that's the case, do you think you can escape from eternal suffering in hell? Okay, even if you're not into these kind of religious talk but think about the consequences if you die. I'm sure you don't really like yourself in the first place, so, that's why you tried to kill yourself. But don't you even think about others? Why must you be so selfish? Oh yeah, I sure as hell don't care much about you if you try to prove a point by killing yourself cause if you did succeed in killing yourself, you would be dead and there won't be much proving of a point needed.


Many have reprimanded me for being so crude and aggressive in my stance against suicide. I'm sorry if you don't agree with me or I've insulted your feelings in any way with my 'tough' stance against suicide. I do realise that people who have attempted suicide needs a lot of grace and care but I think they need to work on themselves much more than others can do for them.

For a "special" few of you out there who even contemplated about suicide, think about these few ways of suicide(take them as suggestions if you want):

1. Drinking the magical potion of love(other words, detergent or soap or weed killer)
Do you SERIOUSLY think it's a good idea to drink something that's not meant for your body at all? For illustration, think about this: Lime juice is good and yummy, right? Try drinking 100 cups of it at once. I'm sure your body would start jerking and convulsing in no time due to the excessive Vitamin C(which turns into poison if taken excessively). Drinking detergent or anything like it is many times worse than the effect of drinking the 100 cups of lime juice. Having gulping down even a cup of that said potion of love, your esofagus would've been burned to oblivion(or what I like to say, FUBAR-ed) and very high chances of your stomach toasted as well. You might have to talk as if you're a walking wind pipe if you're lucky and didn't die from kidney or liver failure.

2. Hanging yourself with the ropes or cords of love
Imagine one day walking into your sister's room find your dear sister hanging by the throat, dead, with her 1 and a half foot tongue hanging outside her mouth. Not a very pleasant sight, right? Imagine if your grandmother or any of your family member walking into your room finding you like that. You want to know what's worse than that? If you did not succeed in killing yourself, you might have damaged your brain due to the lack of oxigen in the short period when you hung yourself and by the grace of God you survived because He sent angels to break the ropes or cords of love to prevent you from dying. Imagine living out the rest of your life where you are better off dead than alive. You're almost dead and the only thing that separates you from the word "alive" and permanent residence in the grave would be you're stealing away someone else's oxigen. Think about it.

3. The big bang of love
Having a suicidal person like you alive is already enough of a mess. Do you think it's a good idea to blow your brains out and have someone else to clean up your mess? As someone who have seen a human's ground beef(thank God, only in pictures and never in real life), I can say that it's not a pleasant sight. Your skull cap seems like it can pop off almost too easily and your man beef would just pop out is if it's a once-a-lifetime pez dispenser. Seriously, popping your brains are digusting shit and please avoid it, okay? Before you even think about blowing your head apart, think about where are you going to even get a gun? It's not like we're living in America(the land of the free *giggle*) where one can easily buy guns and ammunitions off the shelves.

4. Executing the big jump of love
Blowing your head apart is disgusting. Jumping off a tall building is a whole lot of different thing already. If you land on your feet, sure, you will die but you will also have your femur sticking out from the side of the body. I'm very sure you don't want to like an alien lying in your coffin. Well, if you land head on, I'm very sure you will die on impact as well but it's going to be messy as well. The problem stars when you don't die. You would be paralyzed and be confined to your wheelchair only. You can't walk neither can you run. You would become more of a nuisance than ever before because some poor soul have to take care of a selfish person like you and have to push you around. I'm sure you're gonna say, "Wait a minute! I still have my hands! I can use them to push my own wheels around!" Think again, genius. If you ever regret jumping off a tall building mid-flight, the first thing you will think of to use to break your fall would be your hands. So, if you survive the big jump of love by breaking your fall, your hands would probably be in the bin already.

5. The big Cross of love
Why not say "Die to self" by commiting yourself into Christ? You're killing yourself too. But you're killing the self part of yourself. Your life would no longer be yours anymore and your selfish self would have been dead and God could've used your body for many other things. Let God take charge, my friends and find peace and joy in Him.

You know you really want to choose number 5.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

oxymoronic days

Today HAS to be the most oxymoronic day in my entire life. Everything was fine until something happens and brings everything down. Then things got so much better and then everything came tumbling down again. Here's why.

Straight after the Sunday service I had to send my sister and t.hui home first before I go and see the doctor about my Curriculum Vitae(CV from hereon). So, after sending them home, I went back to Jalan Capt. Ahmad and searched for parking spaces to park my car so I can go and see the doctor about my CV(You can't park in the middle of the road, you know). I thought the traffic jam was pretty mild and it would soon be over. OH NO, BOY I WAS TERRIBLY WRONG ABOUT IT! Turns out that I had to endure 45 minutes of head hunting(okay, parking hunting) as well as dealing with all sorts of crazy drivers on the road. It was drizzling so, it was all that terrible. Hey, there's always a silver lining behind every grey cloud! But anyway, I found my parking in the end.

So, I though, "Hooray! Found the parking! Let's go see the doctor and make fun of little monkeys." Went and showed the doc my CV because he's one of the references that I've included in my CV. Anyhow, instead of being mega-ultra-super-duper-giga-terra-critical, he was quite pleased with my CV and gave me the 'thumbs up' to go ahead and use his name for whatever reason. In the end, it's all well, right? OH NO, BOY I WAS TERRIBLY WRONG!

Once I got out of the clinic, I looked at my wrist watch and it says, "12:25PM." Hmm.... 5 more minutes till my chemistry tuition and I don't have my back and stuff with me. No, problem. I'll just go home and pick up my bag and adjourn to Nirvana(no, not dying but it's the name of the tuition centre). Went home greeted by a nagging mom(woo-hoo) and scrambled to get to the tuition centre. I reached there at 12:40PM. Not too bad, I suppose cause my tuition teacher usually comes 10 minutes late so, I suppose I should be just fine. As long as I find my parking, right? AM I RITE? OH NO, BOY I WAS TERRIBLY WRONG! Again.

To make things worse, the weather grew from bad to worse. It started to rain really heavily and all the parking spaces are taken up with nobody wanting to free any of the spaces up because it's raining heavily and they can't be arsed to run to they're car, get wet to go home. It took me ANOTHER 30 minutes of enduring the joy and blessings of being stuck in a traffic jam while looking for a parking space. In the end, I found the parking space and was pleased because at least I could still make it for my tuition. And you know what? I WAS DOGGING TERRIBLY WRONG AGAIN!

Right after tuition, I had to get myself wet because I have to buy breakfast and a couple of stuff(FOR SCIENCE!). As I was walking towards my car, I nearly slipped and fell due to my literally gripless rubber shoe. I mean, if you take a close look at my brown pair of suede All Star, the grip is still fine and great looking(unlike my poor black All Star school shoe, but that's another story for another day). That was a close one though. Phew! I thought I might kick the bucket and die by falling to my death from the staircase of doom in front of some newly built insurance company building(oh, the irony. *rolleyes*). And once again, I WAS SO DARN STUPIDLY ARSEDLY DAMN WRONG AGAIN...WOMTFAOSAPFAPGHDAPAHIAUFASGBUKKAKE.

And so, I went home wet and stuff. I was in a very good mood anyway beucase I bought a huge bottle of Pepsi and a tube of Substance X to do this cool little experiment that I saw on the internet. Anyway, I had a blast doing it before going for games. I'll put up a short video of it sometime soon. Happily, I went for games around 4:50PM. And you can probably guess what I'm going to say again. *insert that infamous line here*

Reached there and turns out that the school have cut off the electricity to the Badminton Hall because the school authority didn't want anyone to use the hall without paying them cold hard cash. Although we booked the courts for this week, power was out for the whole hall. Anyhow, being boys, we went on and play anyway without lights. It was tough trying to play in the dark with only the help of lights that seeps though the window and the doors. Even so, we still can't see the shuttlecock properly. Finally, in the end the guard came and turned on the lights and compensated for whatever loss that we had while playing in the dark. wtf? Anyway, all is well once the lights came back and we continued our game.

I was playing very badly though. It was 6:20PM and I stopped to cool down my body before going off to buy my family dinner. I was sitting alone on the bench resting until an uncle, around his 70s, came up to me and asked me to join him and his bunch of friends for a little game of badminton. I politely rejected their offer but he insisted that I just play with them for a bit. Before you go, "Don't be a wussy! What a loser if you can't even beat a bunch of uncles with grey hair!", I have to tell you that these people are very good in badminton. They may look old but they can trash even the best of our youth players any day. So, I kinda hesitated before joining these 'pros' for a game. The youths are pretty shocked, you see, because they've never expected a beginner in badminton like me to take on this bunch of uncles. I thought I was gonna get trashed by them but in the end we played a pretty respectful game. I had to partner with Uncle Jimmy(Daniel's pop) and the score stands at 8-8 when I left. Pretty okay, I suppose.

I have so much more to tell about today but I guess that's enough because I've already spent about an hour typing this post and that's way more than I've expected. Off I go for my Prince Charming sleep and I hope that my head won't pop tonight for no reason. Good night.

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