Thursday, January 17, 2008

some updates

I can't believe I'm making one of 'these' posts now because frankly, these don't contain much information other than to let you readers know that I'm still alive and kicking around.

Currently I'm 'working' in KL with some of the nicest people I've ever met in my life and life's been a roller coaster ride. Just a little bit different because every trip is like getting on a different roller coaster ride without knowing which turn is coming on next or when the seatbelt is going to untie itself and drop you 200ft into the ground below. Hmm... that's morbid. Let's do it again.

Uhm... I'll be 'working' in KL every weekend for the next 3 months, on this awesome project with some of the nicest people I've ever met in my life and this has been a wonderful learning experience for me. Aside from learning the difference between a bread and 'mexican bun', I think the trip's been really wild and crazy for Cheng Yee and I. You'll never know what's going to happen tomorrow and we should always take things one step at a time.

Of course, that is not to say that you shouldn't plan into the future but rather keep in mind that however good your plan is, it will still boil down to that very day when you're going to have to take that drastic step of action. Some say believe in yourself and take it like a man in faith but I say, having people close to you to listen to you and get you through day by day really helps.

Maybe this will prepare me for other things in life or even life in big cities when I have to go off for my tertiary studies. Well, it's pretty much inevitable and it's time to learn to live away from home. Ahh... now I know how awesome my bed and pillow is back at home. Minus the blanket. Yeah, I hate the blanket cause it's tickles me at night.

Hmm... I'm rambling again.


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