Friday, February 01, 2008

Eh... kawan... berapa?

Part of our usual travel plans on Thursdays when we have to go to Ipoh by bus is to take a taxi from KL Sentral to Puduraya in morning before catching a bus to Ipoh. I know... RM7.00 isn't exactly the cheapest way to travel around KL but when you're lugging equipments along with you while you're feeling all groggy from the shakey train ride, I think the price sorta justifies itself.

Anyway, the same way when we come back from Ipoh at night, we would take a taxi from Puduraya back to KL Sentral. So, this is how the conversation went:

"Taxi... taxi.... taxi..."
"Sini ke KL Sentral berapa?"
"20, dik..."

*turns over to Cheng Yee*


I guess both of us look way too tourist-y. Maybe I should start toting a cigarette and a shaved bald head with full sleeves of tattoos. Then I'll probably be offered free rides around KL. By the cops.

Umm... yeah.


(x are the kisses and o's are the hugs)

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